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Gallery of Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon Photographs

Photographs of Hotchkiss Revolving cannon. A Naval 37mm revolving cannon is on display at the 'Explosion' museum, in Gosport, Hampshire, UK, while a 37mm light revolving cannon on a land service carriage can be seen at the Royal Armouries museum at Fort Nelson, near Portsmouth, UK. There is also a 37mm revolving cannon to be seen at the Royal Armouries museum in Leeds, but it is not possible to get close to that one.

I would appreciate any photographs of other revolving cannon to add to this gallery. Please see my contact details.

The photographs in this gallery can be expanded by clicking on the image.

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Photo Acknowledgements and Sources


Location of item/Owner



Royal Armouries, Fort Nelson


Royal Armouries, Leeds


Explosion! Museum, Gosport, UK


Old Court House, Fairfax, CA

Tom Vasquez


Australian Army Artillery Museum, North Head, Sidney

Kevin Browning


Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, Manly

Charlie Clelland

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