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Royal Armouries

National Maritime Museum

Explosion: Museum of Naval Firepower

Royal Marines Museum

Ordnance Society

Dreadnought Project

HMS Cerberus

The Mitrailleuse: an article by Dr. Patrick Marder

ArmasBasil a Portugese language site covering Gatling, Nordenfelt and miscellaneous machine guns manufactured in Brazil.

AMMS (Australian Military Modelling Society) - photographs of Nordenfelt guns

British Ordnance Collectors Network - a forum for collectors of WWI, WWII inert ordnance, but does include discussions of Victorian era munitions.

The Gardner Gun Co. LLC - an excellent site devoted to the Gardner gun and its history

Rifle Caliber Artillery: The Gardner Battery Gun - an authoritative article on Gardner guns by James W. Alleyn and published by the American Society of Arms Collectors.


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Gatling gun, Miltailleuse and Gardner models were constructed, rendered and animated using Cinema4D release 11.5 (

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